Streamline Body group yoga classes are dynamic and creative, with a focus on cultivating your body awareness and allowing you to experience the inner freedom, both on a physical and mental level.


Dynamic Flow:

Fast and dynamic vinyasa flow – series of poses incorporating standing and floor balances. This class will increase cardiovascular activity, generate greater flexibility and build muscular strength and agility.

Slow Flow:

Nurturing vinyasa flow practice, designed to awaken and lengthen the major muscle groups. Depth and complexity are gradually added to each posture to build an energising and strengthening sequence.


Align is a slower pace practice allowing students  more time and space to focus on aligning the physical body and  harnessing  their creative energy within.

If you’re interested in a more individually tailored yoga session you can opt for a one-on-one class. We recommend private sessions to all our students to ensure you get the most out of every yoga practice you do.


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Written by: Ksenia