I consciously made a decision a year ago to get healthier and the challenge was to find some form of exercise that could fit into my hectic schedule.
I started taking Pilates classes with Dmitriy and began to get stronger, more flexible and experience less pain in my body.
I stuck with it because the classes were fun and I was enjoying the changes I could see and feel. I didn’t realise that ‘pain free’ was a state that would ever be possible for me or that I had the power to change the shape of my body. Most importantly, I hadn’t anticipated that the changes were going to impact every part of my life.
The new physical strength in my body has increased my confidence in how I feel about myself which in turn impacts how I conduct and carry myself in my career and personal life. I now consider carving out time in my schedule to exercise an absolute priority because of the positive changes in my life that have resulted from it.

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Written by: Ksenia

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  1. Beautiful story, and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!