Supine twist

Supine twist (lower back stretch or QL Stretch) QL Stretch (Quadratus Lumborum). Tight QL can lead to lower back pain. Performing this stretch daily 30 sec to 1 min can help to relieve stress through lower region and can help with activation of gluteus medius.

4-10 reps each side options hold for 10 - 30 sec

Glute Stretch

Glute stretch for beginners with variations. During this stretch for more benefits maintain your back straight. If you are standing for an extensive period throughout the day this stretch can help to relieve tightness around lower back and pelvis area.

Hold from 30 sec up to 1 min


Pigeon (hip oppening) Tight gluteus muscles and hamstrings are typically associated with lower back pain and back problems. Performing glute stretches can help to relive the pressure on the back and the knees.

4-8 rolls Hold down 30 sec up to 1 min